Complaints Policy

The Hive Youth Hub is committed to ensuring that all our contact with young people is of the highest possible standard. We aim to listen and respond to the views of parents and young people that we work with so that we can improve the service and ensure that young people are protected and receive an excellent standard of youth work practise.

We aim to ensure that:

  • It is as easy as possible to make a complaint.
  • We deal with any complaint quickly and respectfully.
  • We respond in an appropriate way – for example, with an explanation or apology where we have got things wrong, or with information on any action taken.
  • We learn from complaints and use them to improve our services.

What to do if you have a complaint?

If you wish to make a complaint, it can be made either verbally or in writing e.g. face to face, phone call, text, email, letter etc. The complaint can be made directly to the Hive staff member you normally deal with. In cases where the complaint relates to the Hive staff member or in cases where you do not feel comfortable discussing the matter with the Hive staff member, you can contact the Manager.

What happens next?

If you complain, we will do everything we can to resolve your complaint. If it is not possible to resolve your complaint straight away, we will explain why and aim to provide a timeline for its resolution. We may need additional time to find out more information from you; to consult with any other individuals concernedto discuss the matter with the relevant staff members; or to ask for a response from the person that is the subject of your complaint. We aim to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction or if we can’t resolve it, to let you know the outcome and the reasons why.

Acting on Results

Where a complaint is made against another person, both people will have an opportunity to have their voices heard in order to get a better understanding of the issue. The Hive will always try to reach a resolution where possible.

Your Voice

We value all feedback and would also like to hear from you about what you think we do well